Mei Li Dickerson


“I have been playing tennis since my freshman year, and I’m currently on JV. One of my favorite classes is advanced culinary arts because we get to cook and bake all week long, and I love Mrs. Harper. I enjoy going to football games with my friends and seeing the school spirit of everyone. I also like going off campus for some classes, like going to Main Street to take pictures for photojournalism. Also, leaving early or being off for tennis tournaments is really fun. Most people haven’t met my parents, so no one really knows that I’m adopted from China, and they probably assume I have Asian parents. I have attended nine different schools and have lived in four different cities: LA, Waco, Austin, and now here, in Fredericksburg. On Saturday’s I work at Vaudeville, and during the rest of the weekend, I might play tennis, cook, bake, and hang out with my friends. Some of my favorite places I’ve been to are Japan, Morocco, India, and Kenya. India is probably my favorite because my parents surprised us with the trip for Christmas three days before we left. We spent both Christmas and my dad’s birthday there. I think traveling has given me the opportunity to experience other perspectives in culture and way of living. You get to understand what the people there do in their daily lives, as well as traditions from the region.”