Addison Simpson


“On July 16, 2020, I had a right shoulder arthroscopic capsular done, and on January 14, 2021, I had the same thing done on the left. I had these procedures done because my joint capsules were too big for my shoulders, so they would dislocate daily, which is painful. I started having pain in my right shoulder in August of 2019 but did not find out what was wrong with it until July of 2020. I had been going to physical therapy since March of 2020, but instead of it helping, I lost my range of motion in my right arm. I have been out of sports since March of 2020, and will be able to return in June of 2021. Since what I have is genetic, I recently had my left shoulder done. The recovery process is very long and exhausting. When I am done with physical therapy, that would make it one and a half years of going to get back where I need to be. I am ready to get back to sports as soon as possible.”