Poems of the Week


There’s a seed in all of us

A seed that’s implanted before we’re even born

For when we emerge into the light of the world

The seed that has begun to grow,

It’s in the form of a gasping cry

As we grow, we nurture that seed into a seedling,

Our lives dependent upon the young seedling to take root and to expand

It is in the form of words expressed or kept in the back corner of our mind

Like all forms of life the maturing seedling will experience a harsh bitter cycle

The forming of a sorrowful, dying whisper

Or perhaps a deep, dark scream filled with unwanted hunger

Withstanding the forces of human nature

Can build a strong foundation of perseverance

Branches that move in harmony

Or they can bear thorns,

Spikes with venom seeping from the tip


All mankind is able to grow as one system

If each individual takes root

We grow when we are heard,

We grow when we are heard

Everything we do

Has the intention of being broken down and understood by our neighbors

For when they refuse,

Or when they become fragmented

Is when the unheard will wilt and die into decaying, brown, useless crumbs

Take away the sun, the soil, the water

And hope for growth

It cannot be so-

Surround yourself in plentiful environments,

Become that of which you yearn to be surrounded with,

A plant deeply rooted: absorbing everything good

With branches of vast stories

And leaves that only soak in radiant energy

Is when a tree of life comes to light