Connor Tait


Jack Stephens

“I think the best or the most memorable experience was when Asher Seracen invited me to the guys’ table. I had just moved here; it was the third month of school, and I had no friends. Then Asher invited me to the table, and I took over and now I have a lot of friends. I think Asher had a very big part in my high school life. That day when I got invited was a big step forward for me. Because of Asher’s kindness towards me, I want to be remembered as one of the funniest and nicest people and spread some of that kindness back to others who need it. In my free time, I spend time doing yard work or hanging out with my friends. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Speer because she’s good at explaining and makes it very easy to understand what she’s doing and treats us like adults even when we act like kids. Finally, if I could redo anything in my life, I would put all my money into bitcoin when it cost a few cents and then be a multi-millionaire at 16.”