Evalyn Crittell


“I want my legacy to be hard work and remembering what we can do and going past that. I’m involved in the band and the jazz band. My favorite memory is singing ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift with Zavier on the practice field pretending that we were looking at drill, but we were looking up the lyrics, so Mr. Younts wouldn’t get mad for being on his phone. The only thing that I can think of that not many people know about, which I’m kind of surprised about, is the week that I spent in the hospital last year. I don’t have any free time. I’m either at school or work on the weekends. Mrs. Gregg or Mrs. Speer are tied for first for my favorite teacher because they’re both so sweet, and they both care about their students so much, and they put forth so much effort into helping their students excel. I wouldn’t redo anything even if I had a bunch of chances to change a bunch of things because everything that I’ve done and everything that’s happened to me has brought me to where I am, and I’m really happy with where I am, and where I’m planning on going, so I would just ignore the opportunity and keep going forward.”

Evalyn Crittell by Jonatan Martinez