Glenda Umanzor


“A legacy I would like to do one day is to be a good lawyer to help those immigrant people who need help to build a better life. Some things I am involved in are the soccer team with the school and choir. Those are my favorite things to do at school. One thing no one knows about me is that I love to cook, especially baking cakes for my family. On my free weekends, when I don’t work, I like to spend time with my niece, taking her shopping, getting her favorite snacks, and most importantly spending a good time with her. My favorite teacher would have to be Mrs.Ortiz because we get along very well, and she helps me a lot with problems I don’t understand. One redo I would really love to do is to save my dad, and if I did, he would be here today.”

Glenda Umanzor by Anayeli Barcenas