Taylor Grona


“I would want my legacy to be all the sports I do, and also how much of a hard worker I am no matter what is asked of me. I am involved in three sports: track ,cross country, and basketball. I also attend WYWP and am involved in FFA, and I go to FCA. There aren’t many things that people don’t know about me, but one thing is that I was born almost deaf. Most of the time I am playing one of my sports, but when I am not playing any sports, I usually just watch tv and relax. My favorite teacher was Coach Renaud because he really pushed me last year in English, which is my worst subject, and I am realizing now that it is helping me a lot this year. I wouldn’t redo anything in my life because I love how my life is no matter how many hard things come my way. They have always taught me something for the future.”

Taylor Grona by Hannah Nielsen