Senior Writes New Book


Laura Nielsen

The power of writing. A world of imagination with every aspect under grasp. A place where one can get lost inside the mere strokes of a pencil or with the typing of a keyboard. Writing is a way to escape the world to live in an alternate reality beyond all. With this tool, not only can a writer accomplish many things, but she can take over the world just from the power of the pen.

Senior Mikayla Word is involved in many things throughout Fredericksburg High School, but her passion falls with writing.

In seventh grade Word began her writing journey when she was still living in Las Vegas. Word and her best friend, Kallie Yencheck, passed around story notes during a boring class. Word and Yencheck decided to turn their stories into a book. Slowly the tale unfolded. A story known as Strong was constructed.

According to Word, “Writing allows you to speak your mind and express your emotions in ways you may have never been able to do before.”

Strong is a novel about two groups, Strongs and Compacts. Strongs are soldiers of God, while Compacts are soldiers of the devil. Set in a magical world, Strong shows the reader a glimpse into the future. A fight will soon break out between the Strongs and Compacts. A fight for love, for peace, and for survival. If the Strongs don’t win, the world will forever be broken.

Strong took Word approximately three years to write, and she is still editing it today, however; it is published on Wattpad for readers to enjoy. Her dream is to one day have Strong published as a best seller.

She loves writing her book, but without adventurous readers willing to read something new, Word questions if her book will ever go far in life.

“I know fan fiction is more popular since everyone knows the characters,” Word said, “But sometimes it is discouraging that a lot of people aren’t willing to read original stories if they don’t have an attachment to it.”

However when readers do read her book, they are amazed at how show-stopping her book really is.

“It makes me feel like I am doing something right and gives me hope for my future books.” 

To read Strong, go to @K2M-strong on Wattpad