Sophia Shelton


Jacq Reeh

“My name is Sophia Shelton, and I am a junior at FHS. I am on the varsity tennis team at FHS. My coaches are Coach Renaud and Coach King. I love both of them so much. Some of my favorite memories of being at the high school have definitely been tennis. All the tournaments we go to are so much fun, and the team is so closely knit, and everyone just has so much fun together on and off of the court. I just love all of the energy and the experience I’ve gotten to have being on the tennis team at the school. My favorite teacher would be Coach Kneese my sophomore year for chemistry. She was always someone that you could go and talk to even if you weren’t talking about school. You could just talk to her pretty much about anything, and she would always calm you down and help you out. She was a hard teacher, but she definitely pushed you to do the best you possibly could at all times. When I’m not at school, on the weekends I like hanging out with my friends and just playing tennis with my friends.”