Yaneth Viveros


Emilia Viveros

“I’ve been involved in Student Council since last year 2021. I like to help plan events and represent the school body. I’m also in HOSA because there are a lot of service opportunities,   which I enjoy doing to give back to my community. On the weekend, I work at Nury’s as a waitress. I also like to go out with my friends to the park and walk my dog. My favorite teacher is Coach Daley because I’ve had him since freshman year, so I really got to know him. He is super sweet even though he doesn’t know my name yet. My favorite memories of my high school year were the pep rallies. I like to see the school spirit and everyone hyped up.The things I’m going to really miss when I graduate are the football games. I want to make an impact on the world. I want to help others and to be remembered as a kind person. I would like to know that I have helped people.”


Yaneth Viveros by Emilia Viveros