Taylor Grona


Audrey Herrera

Taylor Grona by Audrey Herrera


“My name is Taylor Grona. I am a junior at Fredericksburg High School, and I am a member of the varsity cross country, track, and basketball team. I am also involved in Fredheads and FFA. I spend my weekends watching movies, hanging out with friends, doing a lot of homework, or doing stuff around my house. After high school, I would like to attend Texas A&M University to be a veterinarian. At the moment, I would like to play basketball in college, but I am keeping my options open. Being the top runner in cross country makes me have really mixed emotions. While I am running, I don’t enjoy it, but all the memories that come with running are what I truly miss when I am not around cross country. Basically, I don’t like the running parts, but I enjoy the memories that come with it. I have been running since seventh grade, and I feel that I have gotten stronger physically but mostly mentally because cross country is a mental sport and especially since freshman year, I have grown mentally stronger, which has allowed me to run better. After I graduate and leave this school, I want to be remembered as not only a good athlete but also a good student and great friend. I want to help anyone coming up that is scared of high school to know there are nice people that will help you through whatever you are going through.”