Sarin Arnreiter


Rachel King

Sarin Arnreiter by Rachel King

“I like taking pictures for yearbook. So far my favorite memory is probably the homecoming football game. It was exciting. People just don’t know me yet. Today a girl came up and asked me, ‘what grade are you in?’ so I guess I’m still a mystery. (I am a foreign exchange student.) Usually I just go places with my host family, call my parents and friends back home, and just do homework. My favorite teachers are Mrs. Z and Mrs. Speer because they’re both very nice. Mrs. Speer is a great teacher. She makes math easier. I mostly miss the bread in Germany. It’s much better. I don’t want to eat toast everyday. People consider toast bread, but it’s not. Our bread is better; it’s more crunchy on the outside and the inside is soft. It doesn’t have a sweet aftertaste like toast does. Toast is not bread. It’s a carbohydrate, but it’s not bread.”