Jocxely Ortega


Seth Watson

Jocxely Ortega by Seth Watson

“My legacy? I want to be known as an artist who inspired people and moved them. I am involved in Comet, Photography Club, Marching Band, and Art III. I enjoy watching TV shows or drawing, finding inspiration, and drawing more. There is never a day where I would stop drawing, because all I want to do is draw all day, and I mean ALL day. I lock myself up in my room, I probably don’t eat. I just forget because of how deep I am in my projects, or spend time with friends, like Kenny and Bevyn. This may seem a little sad, but people really don’t know that I struggle with making friends. It may not seem like it now, but I struggle a lot trying to start a conversation, or make a friendship last. ‘How did you survive Comet and all those interviews?’ Well, I sucked it up and did it. If it must be that I had to interview someone else outside the friend group, then yeah I’d do it, but my first option, if I were to interview someone, would be my friends. A conversation with them would flow faster and better.”