Kim Zuberbueler


Tristan Green

Kim Zuberbueler by Tristan Green 

“Some of my favorite memories from my own high school experience from the 80s revolved around my time as the Bille mascot and being the newspaper editor. When I was in school, we had alternating years of bonfires and parades down Main Street during Homecoming week. They were the best. With the newspaper, we spent many long nights at the school pasting up the newspaper to go to print, and I have so many fun memories from that time. Now, as a teacher, doing Fredheads, I really like the spirit and Billie pride that is shown at games and through dress-up themes. This year has been really great with kids participating in dressing up. As far as newspapers and yearbooks, we don’t have all of those late-night sessions since everything is online, and my students are way too busy for late nights, but I hope that I am helping them create lasting memories like I had.”