Madisyn Jones


Caitlin Tatsch

Maddie Jones by Caitlin Tatsch

“I’m mostly involved with volleyball and that is definitely my favorite interest, and I’m hoping to go to some more FCA huddles. Currently, I’m committed to the University of North Texas for volleyball, and I’m planning on graduating this December. I’ll go up there during the spring for the off-season and then play the season in the fall. I would have to say my favorite experience so far [at FHS] is beating Boerne with the Fredericksburg volleyball team because it was just an electric atmosphere with both our student section and their student section. I feel like we all really came together and worked as a team. [This year Maddie transferred from Boerne High School to Fredericksburg High School.] At first, I thought it would be hard coming in as a senior and not really knowing anybody, but I was pleasantly surprised with how awesomely everybody accepted me and brought me into different things, especially the volleyball team and the juniors. Everybody’s just been so sweet and so open, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. One thing that most people don’t know about me is I used to rodeo a lot when I was younger, and we still have the horses at our ranch. I did all the barrel racing, the poles, the goat tying and roping, so really all of it. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Weldon, my culinary teacher, and I just love her because she makes her class super fun and interactive, and even though I’m in Intro to Culinary we still get to cook and do everything, so it’s super fun. I want my legacy to be that you can truly accomplish anything if you just work hard enough because that’s something I’ve experienced in my life. Anything that I really dream about I pursue 100% and just put my whole heart into it.”