Treadway’s Details Details Assignment Sparks Creative Replications

Treadway’s Details Details Assignment Sparks Creative Replications

Claire Maxcey, Staff

In Mrs. Beki Treadway’s AP Literature class, students were given a project titled Details Details.

This assignment was meant for students to pay attention to the small details authors put in their work. Students were challenged to find a work of art or photograph and replicate it using themselves. A poem was assigned using at least five details that were in the picture. This assignment sparked creative pieces of work from all students.


Some students, like Cooper McDonald, had to go through many hours of editing and photoshop to create a perfect picture. Although it took time, the ending picture was definitely worth it.


“I had to replicate Einstein’s face and then use photoshop to put my face onto his head,” McDonald said. “It took several hours to make the right face and photoshop it onto Einstein.”


Other students tried to recreate a picture that looked like themselves. Kacie Brannan used a famous photograph of 60’s model Brigitte Bardot that ended up looking similar to herself.


“I was honestly looking for a picture of someone with bangs, and I came across the picture I used,” Kacie Brannan said. “I just really liked the way it looked and decided to use it.”


Creating a replication and poem gave life and meaning to the picture. After Camille Rhyne recreated Adele’s album cover, she was able to see the significance and powerful messages in her work.


“I loved being able to interpret the picture I replicated in my own way,” Camille Rhyne said. “She was able to transform an album cover into a ballad fighting for women’s rights and empowerment after an abusive relationship.”


“The seniors amazed me with the creativity in the photographs and depth in the poems,” Treadway said. “The choices of art replicated shows aspects of student personalities that I do not see in the classroom, and I love that about this assignment.”