Head-to-Head Pizza

December 19, 2018

Deep Dish Pizza: Heaven on a Slice

From politics to whether or not hot dogs are a sandwich (they’re not), people can never seem to agree on anything, but there is one thing that connects all of humanity and makes us feel whole, and that is our deep love for pizza. We can all agree that pizza is the most heavenly thing that has ever grazed this earth, but there is one pizza that stands out above the rest and that is deep dish pizza.

As a pizza enthusiast, I have tried many different kinds of slices throughout my life, and this mouthwatering piece of heaven is the perfect combination of thick and crispy crust, inches of celestial toppings, cheese and deliciously messy sauce. Thin-crust pizza, with barely any space for cheese, is weak by comparison – not even a desperately hungry creature will eat it.

In the YouTube video “Pizza Rat,” a big New York city rat is featured carrying a slice of thin crust pizza before abandoning it in the stairs of the subway. This only goes to show the public that thin-crust pizza is so vile that not even a starving subway rat will eat it. On the other hand, how many videos have you seen of rats carrying deep dish pizza in the subway? None.

Moreover, deep dish pizza, must be made in a cast-iron pan. Meticulously built to be the home of otherworldly flavor. A deep dish pizza is so massive and wild that it must be baked in an armor to keep it safe during its birth. Thin-crust pizza is cooked on a regular pan you can buy at a store. Weak.

It is a true shame that deep dish pizza is not everyone’s favorite pizza, but like any piece of art, deep dish pizza cannot be industrially produced and given out to the masses. Art is pensive, intellectual, audacious and creative. Therefore, it is only enjoyed by people of the like.

Deep dish pizza is not only a preference. Deep dish pizza is a way of life. I want to encourage thin-crust lovers to reconsider their positions and try any kind of deep dish pizza available near them, and if they are worthy, it will bestow its powers upon them and engulf them in a world of breathtaking flavor.

Thin Crust: The Better Pizza

Deep dish, or Chicago-pizza, is most obviously thicker than its counter partner, the thin-crust pizza, also known as the New York style pizza…but what’s the better choice?

As pizza lovers, we all have different opinions on the types of pizza we love to devour at 1 a.m. From toppings to the crust, but if there’s one thing we can agree on, is that pizza will always be one of the most loved things on planet earth.

There are some who say you shouldn’t eat pizza if you want to be healthy. Don’t listen to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Thin-crust pizza is undeniably, at its core, actual pizza. Let’s be real; deep dish pizza is just a casserole. A delicious casserole to some, but a casserole nonetheless.

As we know, deep dish is basically bread, which does not leave enough room for cheese and topping. On the other hand, having thin-crust will give you more room to add more cheese and toppings, giving it a better taste.

Deep dish eliminates the root pleasure of pizza; crispy on the edges and slightly chewy in the center. Flavorful in its own right, and an ideal table for the toppings.

The best thin-crust pizzas are light enough to eat with your hands. Get a knife and fork involved, and all is lost.

When Egyptians baked pizza, they used flatbread with a few field-to-crust spices, and it was thin. When it spread to other countries and met up with tomato sauce in Italy, it was also thin. When it crossed the Atlantic Ocean after World War II, the pizza America embraced was thin.

When ordering pizza, thin-crust has been the go-to. Let’s just admit that thin-crust is and always will be the best choice of pizza.

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