Students Vs. Parents High School Experiences


Jessica Stuewe, Staff

Teenagers are always being told how different the world was when their parents or grandparents were in high school. They are told “war stories” about the world before the highly accessible internet and all of the available media. With the differences in generations, it only makes sense that teenagers and their parents would have quite different experiences in high school. But how different are teens’ and their parents’ high school experiences?

Sophomore Sadie Eidson and her mother Caroline Eidson shared their high school experiences.

“[I attended] St. John’s High School in Houston from 1986 to 1990,” Caroline Eidson said. “I was popular and athletic [in high school].”

Both Sadie and Caroline shared their favorite trends from high school.

“The trends that were popular were punk music, colored hair, but also very preppy clothes,” Caroline said. “The 80s had multiple personality disorder.”

“My favorite trends so far have been clear phone cases and terrific shop choices,” Sadie said.

Sadie and Caroline recounted their fondest memories of high school.

“I [remember] creating mix tapes for pep rallies with my best friend and randomly trying out for cheerleader and getting it,” Caroline said.

“At an away basketball game, the freshman and JV teams got in a yelling match against the entire Boerne bleachers,” Sadie said.

Sadie and Caroline expressed their opinions on the differences in their experiences in high school.

“I think high school was probably a lot less stressful when my mom attended high school,” Sadie said. “Things that have changed are social media and how teens communicate,” Caroline said. “We were attached to a wall when we talked on the phone.”

Coach Tim Kaman, who attended FHS his senior year, shared his experiences at FHS.

“I went to three different high schools since my father was a teacher and coach,” Kaman said. “I graduated from Fredericksburg High School in 1985. I went to Magnolia High School in 1984, and I went to Robert E. Lee High School my freshman and sophomore years.”

Kaman reflected on the trends and clothing items that were popular when he attended high school.

“Parachute pants were the fad,” Kaman said. “Long hair was the fashion. The mullet was in fashion, but not for me. I had one pair of [parachute pants], just because they were comfortable.”

Kaman shared what his favorite after school activities were when he was in high school.

“All my after school activities were sports,” Kaman said. “I played just about every sport, so I had no time to do anything else and really did not want to do anything else.”

Kaman expressed the changes he has seen in high school since he attended as a student.

“School has changed so much since I was in school,” Kaman said. “Today, school is not about the learning, but about the grade, GPA, or rankings. The overall attitude about school is different. Schools give students an opportunity to improve one’s life, whether back then or now, but society does not see it that way. Please know that there are many wonderful parents out there who support schools and teachers, but there are some who ruin the experience for the most of them.”

Although Kaman has witnessed many changes, he emphasized his enjoyment in working as a teacher.

“I love what I do,” Kaman said. “I love trying to help young people reach their potential.