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Where/how often they meet:

Practice every day in the Red-Hotts period and every Wednesday night.


What others think we do:

“I want to say people think we are just a bunch of girls who are always peppy and having dance parties.” –Kendra Sanchez


What our parents think we do:

“They combine athletics and art making a spirit organization that supports all athletics, fundraisers, competitions and performs a spring show.” –Emma Hallford, Red-Hott lieutenant


What we think we do:

“I think we form unbreakable relationships and inspire audiences with our performances and talent.” –Camille Rhyne, Red-Hotts captain


What we really do:

“The purpose of Red-Hotts is to instill a feeling of pride for our school and community, develop character, leadership, self-discipline, and individual responsibility in each other.” –Mrs. Savage, Red-Hotts director