Say No to No Shave November


Jessica Stuewe, Staff

    No Shave November is happening again this year, and I only have one thing to say: just because you are capable of growing facial hair doesn’t mean you should. Excessive facial hair is against the dress code and for good reason.

    Quite a few boys are eager to participate in No Shave November, and while the boys are excited to be shave free, we ladies and the teachers are not looking forward to the rest of this month. Why, you may ask? It’s simple: most high school guys don’t look good with facial hair, and they can’t really grow it. Let’s be real here, when a boy walks down the hall with a little bit of scruff on his face that makes him look like he has some sort of skin condition, it isn’t a pleasant experience. Look, if you are a boy who can grow facial hair and make it look decent, good for you. But just because you are part of a select few doesn’t mean the rest of the school should suffer.

     I think the idea behind No Shave November is awesome. Getting students to donate money for cancer is great. But there has to be a number of other things that would motivate students to donate money that are better than letting them grow patchy beards that bring feelings of nausea to passersby. We are creative high school students; we should be able to put our clean-shaven heads together and come up with a fun alternative to this beard growing contest.

    Also, the last time I checked, facial hair is against the dress code. The administration is letting boys deliberately break dress code for a donation. Where is the month where girls get to do that? I haven’t heard of any girls participating in No Shave November for obvious reasons, so why do boys get a month to break dress code and girls don’t? I get that it’s raising awareness for types of cancer that only affect men, but there are types of cancer that only affect women that no one raises awareness for those. So if we’re keeping No Shave November, wouldn’t it only be fair to find a way to also support the women who have cancer?

    I’m not saying we should get rid of No Shave November entirely. I’m just saying we should either replace it or create something equal for the girls. Because face it, boys, you’re not doing yourself any favors (unless you’re Jake Reynolds).