Why The Break Between Holidays Brings Stress


Jessica Stuewe, Staff

We are now in the season of holidays. October had Halloween, November had Thanksgiving, which we just returned from, and this month has Christmas. But this little bit of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always very difficult to get through.

First off, we end these three weeks with midterms, which are any high school student’s living nightmare. Finals are better than midterms in the fact that you don’t have to come back to school until a couple of months later. Secondly, teachers decide it’s a wonderful idea to try to get through a few more lessons in two weeks. We are already very stressed out, and we want to have a long break already. Plus, it seems like people not in school forget that we still are and broadcast being happy and cozy for the holidays. Let me tell you, there is nothing happy or cozy about this awkward three week stretch that seems to be eternal.

At this point in the semester, motivation is low, procrastination is taking over, and sleep is rare. Although we’re coming up to a break soon, it’s tedious waiting to get out. We’ve been in school since August. We have been doing all this work with only a one week break. I can guarantee that a majority of students and teachers resent coming back for three weeks before Christmas. It’s hard to be cheery about going to school in the first place; it’s even harder to be cheery about going to school during the holiday season.

I think most kids are glad about the three week Christmas break though. We actually have time to travel and relax after the stress of midterms. Hopefully, we get enough time at Christmas to fully recharge and recover enough to take on another semester. Our brains and bodies will get a well-deserved break. So we just have to go into survival mode long enough to get to the breather that is Christmas break.

I know there’s really nothing we can do about this weird transition in holidays, but I do know that no one enjoys it. I guess all we can really do is fill our Yetis full of hot chocolate and coffee and trudge along slowly toward Christmas.