The Fredheads is a student-led group that encourages spreading Billie Pride throughout the year at games and events. Through their cheery attitudes and loud voices, they get students, teachers and everyone else pumped, excited and engaged in embracing their school spirit. The Fredhead leadership encourages all students to become a part of their school. Students can talk with the followers leaders to get involved:


Liepa Motiejunaite

Robbie Griffin

Eleanor Burns

Kendall Kenisky

Ella Stehling

Julia Cleland

Ana Bravo

Jordan Zenner

Mickayla Moellering

AnnClaire Cop

Caitlin Tatsch

Mattie Pehl

Jaden Espinoza

Vincent Hickey

Rylinn Oliver

Juan Viveros

Sydney Meyer

Addison Schoessow

Taylor Grona

Journie Lombardi

Sponsor: Mrs. Zuberbueler

Location: Room 101