Cole Immel


“I started playing football long before I even knew what it was, and my dad was a football coach for about 20 years, so getting into this sport was kind of mindless for me. I’ve only ever played quarterback, so being QB 1 every Friday night just comes naturally. It comes with a lot of pressure, but the benefits always outweigh the doubts. My most memorable game was probably this year against Boerne. Scoring with four seconds left, tying up the game, and pulling off a two point conversion,  we won the game in the last second. The best thing about football is being able to go out every Friday night and getting the opportunity to kick the other person’s butt right across from me. When I’m not playing football, I like to go up to the batting cages. I take a bucket of balls up to the cages whenever I get the chance, hit a few balls, and just feel at peace.”