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Lauren Guzy
 Lauren Guzy is a senior at Fredericksburg High School, who is fiercely independent, free-willed, and a just roll-with-the-punches type of person. Other than Guzy’s cat, her favorite thing is travel and adventure. Whether that is driving to a small town she found on a map or flying to her second home in London. She keeps herself busy during the school year with One Act, HOSA, National Honor Society, and writing for the newspaper. A few of her other favorite things are making/watching/talking film, Switzerland, skiing, cars, fashion, and Taylor Swift, of course. Guzy will be studying Film and Cinema or Human Biology in the fall of 2021 as she does not know where to stand on the great divide of art and science. Maybe that is why she loves the middle ground of journalism so much -- creative nonfiction.


Lauren Guzy, Director of Writers

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