Creativity Turned Business


Laura Nielsen

Small businesses have become a popular hobby for a lot of teens around the world. One of our very own peers, Ella Grandjean, has a small business of her own. Grandjean, along with her multiple extracurricular activities and academic career, draws, designs and prints trendy stickers that represent the city of Fredericksburg and inspiring quotes.
“I wanted to start my sticker business because art and design is my passion, and I wanted people to see more of my work,” Grandjean said. “Of course, I also wanted to make a little cash, but mainly it was to share my talent with the world,”
Grandjean has sold over 400 stickers thus far since starting her business in May 2021. “My biggest order so far was an order of 30 custom stickers for an FHS class reunion,” Grandjean said. “It was very fun to make.”
She has 24 sticker designs and loves each one of them; however, her favorite stickers are the travel trailer sticker and the “Bloom Where You’re Planted” sticker. She loves her business and every one of her customers, but owning a business can be a lot of work.
“Balancing inventory is hard, but I love to go through my stock.”, Grandjean said. “Past that, managing the money and profit of it all can be very time consuming.” Grandjean has since added onto her business selling key chains. As her business continues to grow she would like to start selling pencil art or sketches.
“I love that I started a business. It helped me expand into new aspects of my life.” Grandjean said.
Not everyone has a small business, but with some ingenuity, Grandjean has created something for herself that not only inspires others, but also inspires her every single day.

 A link to buy her stickers