Battlin’ Bass

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Battlin’ Bass

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What others think we do:
“Other people think that we just sit on a boat all day and that we get to skip school.” –Jacob Brown

What our parents think we do: 
“My parents think that I spend all day on a boat fishing at tournaments.” –Erwin Soto

What we think we do: 
“We hold meetings to discuss tournament schedules. On tournament days we have to wake up super early so that we can get to the water on time. We fish for the whole day, and then we come back for weigh in.” –Wyatt Turner

What we actually do: 
“We are the fishing program at Fredericksburg High School. Our program started three years ago. We have grown a lot and now we have over 50 members on the team. We have won three tournaments this season, and we have three quarters of our program headed to state this year.” – Mr. Haby