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Ranking Papa’s

Ranking Papa’s 


1) Papa’s Freezeria 

Freezeria is the perfect combination of challenging and relaxing.  There is always a line to keep you busy, but you’re never too stressed. The orders are usually pretty reasonable and the overall making of the ice cream is highly enjoyable. I also love the beach theme. 


2) Papa’s Cupcakeria

Cupcakeria had to be high on the list. The lobby is cute and the cupcakes usually look good if you follow directions.The customers are pretty chill for the most part.They’re plenty of options and usually, the orders are very manageable. 


3) Papa’s Burgeria

If you haven’t played Papa’s Pizzeria you’ve probably found yourself playing Papa’s Burgeria. I love the simplicity of this game. The customers can get a little anxious sometimes, but at the end of the day, they just want their burger. You cannot go wrong with Burgeria.


4) Papa’s Bakeria

Bakeria is one of the more challenging games. Every little thing matters, from the way you place your crust, to the way you place the toppings. The pies themselves look edible 95% of the time. People aren’t asking for outlandish orders, which I thoroughly enjoy. 


5) Papa’s Wingeria

A fan favorite, but not mine. It’s not bad but it’s not necessarily good either. The way you have to shake the wings upsets me. I do LOVE the theme; It’s fun and creative. The outfits aren’t necessarily the best, but they do match with the theme of Las Vegas.


6) Papa’s Pizzeria

The classic. Papa’s Pizzeria was the first game to come out, so you’d think they would have mastered it by now. This game is very time-consuming, and the graphics are terrible compared to the rest of the games. This game just doesn’t have a whole lot to offer. 


7) Papa’s Pastaria 

You have to wait for the pasta to drain to move on, which is irritating. Spreading the sauce is pretty satisfying though. There is a very nice variety with the pasta and toppings, and it ends up looking pretty appetizing. Overall, not a bad game but also not overly exciting. 


8)  Papa’s Taco Mia 

I am NOT a fan. Cooking the meat is too time-consuming, and you barely have enough time to multi-task. The lobby is pretty lame as well. There is not even that much diversity between the tacos. The outfits are okay, but that’s about all it has going. 


9) Papa’s Cheeseria

This is one of the newest games, but also one of the most disappointing. Cheeseria is just a sandwich-making game, which is fine, but there are so many steps along with the process of making french fries. The outfits are horrendous. There is a good variety, but all the food just looks so unappealing.


10) Papas Scooperia 

The scooping is awful, and the cookie part is random. The colors are super uninviting and uncanny. It’s a little weird that you’re making ice cream sandwiches and not just ice cream. I’ve played this game once, and it was more than enough. 



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