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How to Get a Prom Date


Tip 1) Scout

First things first, you need to find at least one person you wouldn’t mind going with. If you’re already friends with them, this should be easy: Get the details, find out if they’re going with someone or going at all. If you’re comfortable, you can jokingly ask them or mention how they should ask you. If they respond positively, continue flirtatiously. If they respond negatively, I’d suggest mentioning it once more disguised as a very slick joke. If they come around, continue. If not, find the next one but do not beat a dead horse. Or don’t, you don’t need a man.

Tip 2) Speak

You have to speak. If you don’t communicate in any kind of way, you can’t complain about not having a date. If mentioning prom is too scary, you can always talk about other things. Needless to say, you need to talk about something. You somehow need to weasel your way into their life. You don’t need to become their best friend but close enough that you smile at them in the halls.

Tip 3) Show Interest

Some boys are scared even if you are friends with them. If you don’t show even a little interest in them, they probably won’t ask you. One of my favorite ways to show interest is to literally slide into their DMs. Specifically, send them an Instagram Reel (reel rizz). You need to make sure this is the funniest most out-of-pocket reel you’ve ever seen. If they send one back, congratulations, you have a potential date. If not, they are not the one. Of course, there are many other ways of showing interest, but this is just my personal favorite

Tip 4) Be Happy

I cannot stress enough that happiness attracts. Your energy and vibe affect the people around you. Being genuinely happy with life is such a good thing, and people will notice. Nobody wants to be around someone negative, so be positive.

Tip 5) Be Yourself

Just go with the flow and be yourself. If it works out, great, and if it doesn’t, who cares? Everything happens for a reason. Don’t stress or change for anyone. I know it sounds pretty cliche, but it’s so true. If you have to change for anyone, I can pinky promise you that they aren’t the one. Just live life and be yourself. 

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