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Life in Band with Giovanni Hernandez


People can join a high school band for many reasons. It could be for fun; it can be because they enjoy music, or it can be just for the art and athletic credit.

Freshman Giovanni Hernandez already makes an impact on the band and continues to get better every day.

“I started band in 6th grade, and the instrument I play is the trombone,” Hernandez said.

When Hernandez was in the beginner band, he was able to choose his instrument. He was always first chair, meaning he was the best in his trombone beginner band class in sixth grade.

“The reason why I play the trombone is because my brother convinced me to play it,” Hernandez said. “The reason I like being in the high school band is because it’s fun to experience, and we get to go to so many other places for performances and competitions.”

For every high school marching band, you get to go to marching band competitions as the year progresses. It’s not just football games where they perform their show.

“My goal in band is to eventually get first chair in region,” Hernandez said.

High school band members are required to do region auditions where band members from the schools in their area come to one school and play their etudes for judges who rank them from best to worst for their specific instrument.

In the 2022-23 school year, Hernandez attended region band auditions and made it into the concert region band as an 8th grader, which very few people have done.

“Being in band has developed me personally by helping me be more open to others and being better at my instrument,” Hernandez said. “If my primary instrument did not exist, I would probably play the trumpet or euphonium. Instruments I know how to play other than the trombone are: trumpet, euphonium, tuba and guitar.”

Practice and rehearsals often play a key role in the success of the individual but also in the band as a whole.

“Practice helps an individual learn their own part, and rehearsal helps the individual parts turn into one group of people to make music,” Hernandez said.

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