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 Phantasm of Music in Band


Left, left, left. These words are spoken by the marchers of the Fredericksburg High School band as they walk onto the field at halftime. Saying these words connect them, not only connecting their steps but the music they play connecting them spiritually.

Fredericksburg High School senior, Anayeli Barcenas puts her pride and dedication into band for her last year of music.

Barcenas started her journey as a young elementary schooler being inspired by the high schoolers she had seen perform, and leading her way into middle school to the instrument she will be leaving high school with, the flute.

“Over marching or concert season, I would pick marching, it’s just more interesting and you’re not just sitting in a chair,” Barcenas said.

Barcenas’ favorite part of band is the marching season, making new memories and learning the show for the first time.

“It’s sometimes difficult to march, play, and count at the same time,” Barcenas said.

Learning a marching band show takes a lot more practice than most people would think with practices on music beginning in May before the new year of the show to practices in early July.

With fun things like band camp and even though it seems like a lot of work Mr. H (and the wonderful band directors) always throw in something fun.

“Fun traditions we do are something like at and camp when we do our lip sync battles or watching DCI bands the last night,” Barcenas said.

She also did practice the start of school with every Monday and Tuesday for the first three months of the school year.

With the rigorous training and practicing you’d think it would be tiresome to learn the next move or the hardest part in your music, but the students in the FHS band persevere giving the chilling performances at every game and competition.

“Making state in 2021 was an amazing experience. I would really like to feel that one more time before I graduate,” Barcenas said.

Barcenas helped FHS to victory when the band went to state in 2021 and placed seventh in Area Final, with Emerald State of Mind.

“I love playing in the stands at half time. I just don’t understand the game even though I’m a senior,” Barcenas said. 

Band not only plays for their own competitions, they also play to support FHS by playing in the stands, which is very fun playing stand tunes and doing dances with their sections.

On their way down to the field with gauntlets and hats, Barcenas’ section always makes sure to give a good luck plume kiss.

While being a senior makes her feel “off” as put in her own words, she is happy for the experience she was blessed to have, the people she met along the way, and the journey that band has given her emotionally and physically.

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