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Fredericksburg High School Marching Band Member Ronan Elliott Dreams Of DCI After High School 


Band is a place where friendships and bonds are made that last a lifetime, no matter who you are. Although marching band is a high school extracurricular activity, students can choose to continue with marching band after high school, college marching band, or band members can join a Drum Corps. 

Fredericksburg High School marching band member, Ronan Elliott, made it his goal and dream to join a Drum Corps group after high school, specifically one that participates in DCI (Drum Corps International).

Elliott has lots of band roots in his family. His mom, dad, grandpa, cousins and so on have all participated in band. 

Most of my family has done band before,” Elliott said. “My mom and I both play the same instrument, so I think she would kill me if I ever quit.” 

Elliott plays the french horn in band. He has also had the opportunity to learn other instruments like the trumpet, marching french horn and mellophone. 

“I absolutely love playing the french horn. I would never trade it for any other instrument as my main instrument,” Elliott said.

Elliott has been in band for six years, from sixth grade until now. 

“My initial spark of inspiration to do marching band didn’t exactly exist,” Elliott said. “I didn’t necessarily dislike the idea of doing it, but I had to do it to keep going with band so I thought, ‘I’ll give this a shot and see how it goes.’”

Since Elliott has been in band for six years, he has had a lot of experience with marching and concert band. 

“Marching season is a definite winner against concert season in my mind,” Elliott said. “It definitely has its downsides with the huge time commitment and lack of free time though.”

Elliott instantly fell in love with the concept of marching band and the trial and error of learning the new shows every year. 

“My freshman year of marching band was really confusing a lot of the time, but it was so much fun,” Elliott said. “Just like doing anything else for the first time it feels so satisfying and fresh after finally getting it down.” 

In Elliott’s freshman year of marching band, he went to state. 

“My favorite year was the 2021 season, including my favorite marching show that we have performed, Dante,” Elliott said. “It was a really exciting year for me because I was a freshman, so it was all so new and fresh to me. Plus, we went to state, which was such a fun and unique experience.” 

Drum Corps is essentially marching band after high school. Elliott hopes to one day join a drum corps.

“I would love to do Drum Corps after I graduate,” Elliott said. “It has been a huge dream of mine for a long time.”

DCI (Drum Corps International) is a governing body for junior drum and bugle corps. In DCI, there are competitions between drum corps. 

“My favorite drum corps that participates in DCI is Carolina Crown,” Elliott said. “They have the best horn line in the world, and as a brass player, this really draws my attention towards them. Their sound is so beautiful and their marching is bold, fast, and powerful.” 

Elliott holds band close to his heart and believes that band is a place where you can truly be yourself. 

“One thing I like about band is that I know most of the people around me are similar to me and share common interests. Band has given me a safe place and somewhere that I don’t need to pretend to be someone else,” Elliott said. “Band has given me a home.”

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