Rivalry Game Goes to the Billies

Logan Sifford

Throughout the history of Fredericksburg High School, rivalries have played a vital part in the growth of our school and how we have created lifelong connections with one another. The tension that comes with a rivalry game brings a very large amount of pressure and a high demand for success. As students, teachers, and the community come together to support the athletes in this high-pressured moment they provide support and encouragement to fulfill the athletes’ potential. Therefore, for the rival game Friday night against Tivy, the city of Fredericksburg was brought together to carry out the common goal and make sure that…TIVY FIGHT DIED THAT NIGHT…which it did by a score of 44-27.

As the sun set, fans packed the stands all anticipating a battle for the ages. The scouting report that was put together by the FHS coaches kept the Billies team on their toes knowing the weapons their opponents possessed. Their receivers were deep with good hands, and the Billies secondary would have to be on point, playing their best.

The FHS defensive and offensive lines were dominant with Derek Whitworth and Rusty Price as the corner posts for the team. The defensive backs, Gary Seidenberger and Logan Metzger, would have to be very aggressive, shooting the gaps and disrupting plays.

The biggest key to success would be the running game for the Billies with Jesse Lejia as the speed back and John Fritzch as the power back. It would require a group effort from the entire team in order to come out on top.

As the band began to play, the Battlin’ Billies ran out onto the field ready to fight Tivy. The fans were on their feet; cheerleaders were cheering, and the Fredheads were painted up as Mason Reeh was back to receive to the kickoff.

Reeh recorded 32 total yards, behind Kade Jenschke’s 88 total yards and 77 receiving yards. Fredericksburg led at the end of a close first quarter 14 -7. The offense seemed to be on point with Cole Immel having 174 total pass yards and 79 rushing yards.

As the second quarter began, both teams came out slow with a lot of punting and solid defense. The score remained the same heading into half, 14- 7. Both teams increased their level of play to begin the second half as the defense and offense stepped up to another level. The Billies began to pull away from Tivy in that second half with more scores, and the rivalry win for the Billies this year went to the red and white.

Senior John Fritsch plows into the endzone as fellow senior Sam Barron provides a crucial block. Other touchdown scores came from Kade Jenschke, Cole Immel, and Jesse Leija to earn the win against Tivy 44-27.