Gen Z: Transforming Immoral Theft into a Trendy Social Statement


Suzanna Bridges-Keese

As the students at Fredericksburg High School continue to work hard in their academic and extracurricular lives, social media works just as hard. TikTok, a Chinese-based social media platform, is full of trends that not only influence high schoolers at FHS, but also students across the globe.

An infamous trend on the popular app, called the “devious lick,” has taken storm across the country and has even affected the FHS student body. The basic idea is to steal things in a school bathroom, and then post the video proof on TikTok.

       Principal Joe Gonzalez, along with other administrators, discovered certain items in the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms next to the cafeteria were going missing.

       “The items, starting in the boys’ bathroom, disappeared the week of Sept. 9-13. The items consisted mainly of toilet paper rolls and hand soap dispensers,” Gonzalez said.

       The items seemed to go missing at random times and not on a certain schedule. However, Principal Gonzalez notes that these “devious” events came to a sudden stop.

       “The theft has seemed to calm down, which I’m sure is because of our whistleblowers and the common sense of our student body,” Gonzalez said.

       Due to these whistleblowers and anonymous tips, Gonzalez was able to verify who had stolen the items and is still in the process of verifying what items were taken and with whom they were taken with.”

       According to Officer Ayala, “We had a total of 14 Crime Stopper tips, which is quite amazing. That information was then handed to the school, and Mr. Gonzalez did most of the work. A lot of things were taken, and I’m not sure specifically who has done it, but that is up to the school to finish the investigation,” Ayala said. “I involve myself in level B crimes or higher. Since these are class C, the school is required to handle this.”

       Crime Stoppers was to award a cash amount if students provided information to the school about the “devious licks.”

       “The amount each student, who anonymously tipped, would receive would be anywhere between $15-25,” Ayala said.