Karina Melendez

“I am a part of the junior class at Fredericksburg High School and involved in the school’s Campus Comet as well as the art club. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Pilcher, now retired. She was always so sweet, caring, funny and understanding. Interesting facts that many may not know about me is that my family owns several restaurants such as Campo Azul. I am actually from Jalisco, Mexico, and I am the youngest child out of nine. My after school activities don’t just include art club as the rest of the weekdays, I work at my family’s restaurant. Participation within my family’s business has made me realize that it is my legacy. I would like to carry on my family’s business one day as it has taught me that not everything in life is earned easily. One must work hard to accomplish their goals.The family business is proof that all the hardships my family went through were overcome as we are now owners of a successful business.The success our business has had is a show that the struggles my family went through in life were worth it. Coming from those humble beginnings helped us reach success.”

Karina Melendez by Yaneth Viveros