Fall into Style


Suzanna Keese

Whether you call it autumn, hunting season or sweater weather, fall is a time of gathering together as family and friends— with some cute Doc Martins.

When it comes to “fall fashion,” everyone has their unique style choices, but there is a common theme every year for the famous pumpkin season. The weather is cooler, and the fashion is warmer. Some common fashion statements one can see throughout the school year, especially in the fall season, are Doc Martins, flannels, neutral colors, corduroy pants, anything plaids like skirts or pants and sweater vests. Of these multiple trends, this year it seems that Doc Martins and flannels are the most popular. I, myself, wear flannels on occasion, regardless of the season, along with a pair of ripped, straight-leg jeans and a pair of black boots. Faux leather pants are also making a reappearance, usually paired with a cropped sweater or a ribbed tank top.

In general, the past few years have shown a revival of 90s inspired fashion trends, such as the plaid skirts and even a 60s/70s throwback with the famous “bell-bottom jeans.” In the high school scene, Doc Martins can be seen in almost every classroom. They can be styled with washed-out black jeans, a flannel shirt and anything else that fits your fancy.

Many other popular trends one can see around the school are cropped sweater vests and large, oversized cardigans. They are perfect for the fall and upcoming winter season and are helpful when the weather cools down. Some people, despite the colder weather, prefer shorter dresses paired with a long sleeve, a cropped sweater underneath, and again paired with Doc Martins or even some Nike Air Forces.

Hoodies, jean jackets and beanies are a popular style as well, among the guys. Some guys even like to buy utility pants from Tractor Supply—fashion is everywhere, apparently.

Another popular clothing item one can see as the weather grows colder are turtlenecks, but this type of sweater is difficult to pull off since the unforgiving neckline only works with those confident and comfortable with the style.

Throughout the school year, specifically this fall, the Mesa, which is the FHS Campus Comet’s Instagram page, posts OOTD, also known as “outfit of the day.” This highlights students from FHS who stand out for having an awesome outfit. Among these “OOTDs” are sure to be some fashionable fall styles.

Whether you are an expert at fashion, or your daily outfit consists of a t-shirt and jeans, these popular, fashionable outfits will keep you looking sharp