The Elders of FHS Inspire Many


Eleanor Burns and Rachel King

Señor Jorge Quema. To students, he’s known as Mr. Burns. To me, he is known as Dad. George Burns is “Fredericksburg famous,” and many people don’t know the Fredericksburg High School without him. It is impossible for my sisters and I to live in this town without being under the shadow of my dad’s legacy. Very often, people will say things like “Your dad taught my mom!” or “Your dad taught me!” or “Your dad is the most respected wine tour owner on the trail- we love George!”

Not only has Mr. Burns taught at FHS for 29 consecutive years, but he also went to school here, with the exception of the time he lived in Mexico. In high school, he was in the band and played tennis. He graduated from Fredericksburg High School in 1987. My dad then left for six years to get his degree in Spanish and English with teacher certification from Southwest Texas State.

With that, he came straight back to Fredericksburg in 1993 with his beautiful wife, Katie Burns (aka my mom and probably your third-grade teacher) to teach alongside his own father. My dad continued on his father’s Spanish teaching legacy, and together the Burns name has been a part of the high school for almost 50 years. My dad has taught every level of Spanish from 1 to 5 and is the language department head. It may surprise you to know, he was also the cheer sponsor for four years. So yes, Mr. Burns does have that Billie Pride.

Along with Billie Pride, Mr. Burns takes pride in his family and continues to be the most supportive person I know. I love my dad so much and the path he has provided me in Fredericksburg High School, and beyond.

-Eleanor Burns


Coach Randall King is a well-known and beloved face around Fredericksburg, Texas. Anywhere he goes, people stop to say hello to him – from his former U.S. History students to their children to his current kindergarten PE students.

Coach King has been the tennis coach at FHS since 1994– longer than any other coaches here. In those 28 years, King and his team have been very successful in both the team and individual seasons. They’ve had seven state appearances and three state championships in team tennis, as well as their 31 state appearances and eight state championships in the individual season. He has had a highly decorated career at FHS and has his fair share of plaques and medals to show for it.

King has taught various classes at Fredericksburg’s primary school, middle school and high school. He began his career with FISD at the middle school level for five years, coaching PE during the day and heading over to the high school every afternoon for tennis practice. He then got bumped up to the high school, where he stayed for 17 years, teaching U.S. History every day and continuing to coach tennis. Four years ago, however, he was offered a position teaching PE at the primary school, where he is today.

No one can deny that Coach King has had an impact on FHS and the community, from taking his team to Smoothie King after the state tournament to teaching freshmen how to hit a forehand. Anyone and everyone who has come through his program have been changed by his coaching. In December, King is being inducted into the TTCA Hall of Fame where his work will continue to be appreciated by many, even after he retires.

-Rachel King