Pride of Texas Hill Country Marches to Victory


Bevyn O'Connor

The drums leading the way for the rhythm, the trumpets ringing out for everyone to hear, and the cymbals clanging against each other, all making a patriotic symphony just for our school.

The Fredericksburg High School band founded in the 1930s has been going strong and loud ever since they were born. Composed of students in grades 9-12, they play instruments of woodwind, brass, percussion and strings. They typically play at football games, pep rallies and band competitions.

This school year the band has mostly new directors, which includes Brian Hecimovich, Jeremy Kindla, Hailey Spencer, Bonnie Oreka, Echoe Bruns and Johanna Balboa.

“Honestly, I really like them. Mr. Kindla and Ms. Bruns are a lot younger than most directors, so they understand what it’s like to be tired and want to do other things,” freshman band member Andrea Villagrana said. “Also, with Mr. H, it doesn’t really feel like he’s a teacher. It just feels like he’s one of us.”

Many students joined the band because of a family member, or an inspirational musical figure.

“It all started with a ‘G’ played by David Hicken during his Carol of The Bells edition on piano,” junior band member Austin Merrill said. “Then I was like ‘wow, I want to do that someday,’ and I ended up being in a band with the aspiration of playing the piano.”

Freshman band member Jocxely Ortega said she joined the band because of the people there.

“The weirdness of the kids really doesn’t fit in the normal here, so it really does the job. I feel at home,” Ortega said.

Junior band member Spencer Moellering said he’s been in the band since the third grade.

“I went to the high school for a performance once, and this guy was playing the saxophone,” Moellering said. “It was very cool because he was shredding it on his saxophone.”

Behind the scenes, there seems to be a lot that people outside of the band don’t know about. According to senior band member Jonatan Martinez, the band has some fun traditions they like to do every year.

“One of the fun activities we have at band camp is the toilet paper fashion show. We have people dress up in toilet paper and try to be funny with it,” Martinez said. “We have a lip sync competition too, which is just really hilarious, and it’s fun to see people’s reactions and how creative they can be.”

Overall, the Fredericksburg High School band seems to have a close-knit community, with many fun traditions, games and people involved.

“We work together by keeping each other out of trouble, working on discipline, and making sure we have a good attitude. The band is like my home away from home,” Ortega said.