Coffee Shop Overviews


Eleanor Burns

Coffee Shops- Eleanor Burns


For sit-down coffee in fun ceramic mugs, Caliche’s cool indoor and outdoor environment will do. Their food menu is top tier when wanting a casual sit-down breakfast with friends.


On the go? Ten minutes till the first bell and you are in need of coffee. The cheep decision would be to get coffee from the cafeteria, but nothing that bitter will satisfy you. Starbucks is the way to go; take the tardy.


THE Fredericksburg coffee shop. At 7:30 in the morning, you can find high school girls waiting for their vanilla latte, business owners having a coffee get-together, and hungover bachelorettes(along with the other tourists) enjoying some quick local coffee.


Often overlooked, McDonald’s actually makes good coffee. This might be hard to believe since their ice-cream machine is never working. Reasonable prices, quick drive-thru, plain and hot coffee.

Coach Stafford’s

Made it to school, and you’re out of options? Café Stafford’s. In the far corner of room 522, you will see an exceptional Keurig set up. You can try badgering him for coffee though it probably won’t work. Good luck!

Clear river

The mysterious and exclusive coffee shop of Fredericksburg. Even though the doors are locked until 11, you will see local old men in there drinking coffee long before then. If anyone can figure out how to get access to this restricted coffee environment, please let me know.

Sunday Supply

Whether a Sunday or a Wednesday, drinking high-priced coffee on their patio is a nice pause to life. The pastry supply is in fact bussin’. In case, sitting on their patio for 30 minutes made you forget your lunch, don’t worry; they have pre-packaged lunches too.

Twisted Sisters

One coffee shop in town that literally feels like home due to its comfy couches and homemade bakery items. A great place to study after school if you’re wanting a fun coffee and treats.