Juniors No Longer Allowed Off Campus for Lunch Next Year


In a new announcement made by Coach Weirich to the Campus Comet Underground, juniors next year (current sophomores) will no longer be able to go off campus for lunch.

“When you look at the first year that students are able to go off campus, when they are juniors, some will take advantage and miss their 5th and 6th period classes too,” Weirich said.  “Some pros would be that at least this new policy would take care of tardies and students skipping. Another pro I see would be the safety of the students with there being less reckless driving, as we prioritize the safety of our students.”

Some current sophomores were asked about their thoughts and opinions about the new rule and some students had strong oppositions.

“This rule is literally going to make the class of 2024 go off campus more and not solve any issues that the office is currently facing,” sophomore Mylee Day said.

“I think it is really dumb that they just take away the privilege when most of the future juniors will be at the age when have their license, and I think we deserve to have that experience,” sophomore Leslie Neri said.

Coach Weirich said that the administration had looked into how to make sure juniors don’t leave campus next year.

“We thought of having an alternative lunch schedule like we used to have instead of freshmen getting their own lunch time,” Weirich said. “Seniors would have their own lunch time, and everyone else would have the same lunch to make sure juniors are not leaving campus.”

When bringing up the idea of three classes sharing one lunch, sophomore Aurora Araiza said, “I feel like if it was closed to juniors, there would not be enough room for everyone in the cafeteria.”

Weirich said there has been discussion about expanding the cafeteria.

“This conversation was brought up several years ago about expanding,” Weirich said. “They calculated that it would be easy to expand if they take out that one wall to the right that goes into the hallway and with certain seating you should be able to fit all students in the cafeteria.”

There have also been considerations about adding a Chick-fil-A in the cafeteria.

“Chick-fil-A would be amazing to have in town,” Weirich said. “We have talked about a food truck that our culinary arts does have. It would be an alternative restaurant that will be in town on campus, and it would incorporate our culinary arts program.”

Weirich made a final statement saying, “April Fools, sophomores. Did you really think I would take that privilege away from you? Have a great Friday!”