Why FHS Needs a Study Hall Period


Sophia Lutz

Finding time to complete homework and assignments has proven to be a challenge for many students over the years. Opening up a study hall period for students to take would be a convenient fix and could lower the stress level of teenagers at Fredericksburg High School.

Many students have a lot going on outside of school, and some spend afternoons working at their job or going to sports practices. With events like these taking up students’ after-school time, it can be difficult to find time to finish homework. Students often find themselves staying up late into the night finishing homework, preventing them from getting a full night’s sleep. A study hall period would grant students extra time to complete assignments, making it easier for them to finish their remaining work at home. 

Another plus of having this period would be that students would slow down and take more time while completing their work. Students who get home late from other events often rush through their schoolwork in order to get it done by the next day, which can lead to sloppy answers and ineffective learning. A study hall period would help eliminate this problem. 

Not every student has after-school events that consume their afternoons, but that does not mean that they are always capable of completing their homework. Some students struggle with concentrating for long periods of time, and home environments tend to provide a plethora of distractions. Factors like loud family members, flashy devices, or even demanding parents can make it near impossible for students to actually sit down and finish all of their work. Having a study hall period during school would provide a quiet, interruption free environment so that students can properly focus. 

The idea of a study hall period has a lot of positive aspects to it, but there are some major concerns. Some students would likely try to use the period as an opportunity to goof around or be on their phones. To solve this issue, students must be required to take at least one advanced class, such as Pre-AP, AP or dual credit, to be able to enroll in the study hall period. Having the advanced class requirement will ensure that students who enroll in the study hall period are dedicated to working and keeping up with their harder courses. Another prominent issue is that by the time students arrive in the class, they might not have any work to complete yet. This is why the study hall period should take place in the afternoon rather than in the morning, giving students the opportunity to collect work from other classes so they can use their time efficiently. Having the class in the afternoon also benefits any students who are athletes because they won’t be missing a core class if they leave early for an away game.

High school can be an extremely stressful environment for a lot of people, and schools should make sure that all of their students are accounted for. In order to make the load on teenagers easier and more manageable, Fredericksburg High School should consider opening a study hall period for those who need it.