Brynlee Staedtler


Ariana (Ari) Castro

Brynlee Staedtler by Ariana Castro

“I want to be known as an overall positive person, being a nice person, and having an impact on people. I like to cheer, and I used to play volleyball, but I stopped playing. I like to hang out with my friends on the weekends, and I write. I write about everything. If I have a thought about something, or I want to express my feelings somehow, I just write. I am the youngest of four kids, and my sister and I are ten years apart. If I could redo one thing, it would be my 7th-grade year because I really didn’t care about any of my grades, and I just wasn’t motivated at all. I love cheer because it gives me opportunities to do things outside of school. I’ve done it ever since I was younger, and it just helps me gain friends, and it’s just fun to me.”