Enjoying Your Teenage Years While They Last


Sophia Lutz

Piles of homework and overbearing parents can be stressful for many students across the globe, but with your teenage years comes a certain type of freedom you don’t get at any other time in your life.

Teenage years mark the point in time where teenagers aren’t expected to be as mature as an adult, but still have many freedoms that come with adulthood. Teenagers are given the ability to drive, allowing them to get themselves to school or go out with friends without needing an adult to tow them around. Being able to drive gives teenagers a refreshing sense of freedom. Teenagers also hold more responsibility over things like doing school work or getting a job. While this can be stressful at times, it helps a teenager feel more accomplished and mature during their growth.

Although entering your teenage years may sometimes make us feel like responsible adults, the actual years of adulthood that follow will be much more stressful than anything we’ve experienced so far. Adulthood is a time where people are truly on their own, while being a teenager is a safe middle ground. With growing up, comes moving out, attending college, and getting a job. Meanwhile, as a teenager, many people still have parents, teachers, and friends that are close by to rely on if things ever go wrong. While you aren’t completely dependent on your parents, you still get to live and laugh with them as often as you want. Adults are also very busy, which leaves less room for goofing off with friends or spending time with family members. Adulthood takes away some of that valuable familial support and time, so make a point to always appreciate what being a teenager grants you.

The teenage years of our lives are stressful, but so is life in general, so we must learn to make the best of it while we can. Being a teenager is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the little things in life before fully growing up and moving on.