Fredericksburg Through the Seasons


Sophia Lutz

As the years go by and the seasons change, many people find themselves preferring one time of year over the rest. Fashions change, the weather shifts, but I think the locals can agree that if you want to be able to enjoy the four seasons to their fullest, Fredericksburg is the place to do it.

Winter in Fredericksburg provides an array of different activities and fashions to participate in. Main Street is the best place to be as the cold winds start to blow in. Not only is Marketplatz beautifully decorated, but Eisbahn, the ice skating rink, also opens so you can skate under the gleaming Christmas lights. Some schools even take groups of students out on field trips to the rink. Fredericksburg is a great place to spend winter if you enjoy blowing on a cup of hot chocolate from Clear River or admiring wreaths and lights around town.

Spring is a time of perfect temperature when the residents of Fredericksburg can enjoy the radiance of the sun without shriveling from the heat. With spring comes the blooming wildflowers and massive amounts of bachelorette parties strut down the streets in their pink cowboy hats and bedazzled boots. Easter also makes its appearance; it’s a time when Main Street’s shops can sport bunny-inspired decorations and families hide eggs around Marketplatz for the children.

Summer is a carefree time for many of Fredericksburg’s locals. School is let out, and parents take off work, creating an opportunity for families to spend time together. Many locals enjoy taking drives to Port Aransas to play in the sand and surf the waves. You can often find groups of high school students hanging around Walmart, Sonic, or Marketplatz, having nowhere else to go in the small town. Pools open and people spend their days splashing in the pool or shopping around town as trendy sunglasses and tank tops become popular.

Fall in Fredericksburg is another era of satisfying weather, where the heat slowly ebbs away, but it’s not cold enough to be uncomfortable. People dig their sweaters and boots out of the depths of their closets. The leaves turn stunning shades of orange and red, and pumpkin patches open to the pleasure of the locals. Pecans drop from the trees and grandparents make delicious pies. Friends start planning their Halloween costumes and watching scary movies. Oktoberfest is hosted, where the local German folks can celebrate their culture with food, drink, and dancing. If you want to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte or dance with the Germans, Fredericksburg is a great place to spend your fall.

Many people enjoy different aspects of the four seasons, and whether your favorite thing to do is splashing in a pool with friends or ice skating with your family, Fredericksburg will always be a hospitable place to do it.