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1.Ice Spice.

It may not come as a surprise to many that the super popular New York Rapper Ice Spice has made it to the top of the charts of our FHS Student Choice List. Ice Spice rose to fame very recently, and people are just finding out about her music. With her most recent and popular hits like “That Boy’s a Liar” and “Munch,” it comes as no surprise that she is being enjoyed by the students of FHS all around the campus.


2. Taylor Swift

The next highly popular singer who has been taking the world by storm recently is Taylor Swift. She has risen in popularity lately, and it is no surprise many of our students at FHS enjoy listening to her inspiring music. With her new albums “Midnights” and “Speak Now – Taylor’s Version” being huge hits, it is evident that her relevance is here to stay.


3. Kanye West

The American rapper Kanye West is a very popular choice by our students when it comes to Hip-Hop music. Although he has seen recent controversy, his catchy beats and Iconic samples make Kanye West one of the most well deserved top choices from our students.


4. Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan is one of the students’ favorite country singers. Originating in Oklahoma, Zach has found a way to sneak into the playlists of a good amount of our students, and it’s easy to see why. He is expected to continue rising after the release of his new self-titled album in late August.


5.Eminem & Drake

And finally, in our number 5 spot, we have a 2-way tie between one of the greatest rappers of all time and one of the most listened to artists in the world. It’s hard to know which one is which at this point, but the skill and popularity of both rappers was just too high in order to exclude one or the other, so they share a spot at number five. Eminem has had an amazing career with hit songs like “Lose Yourself” and “Mockingbird”, and not to mention a recent surge in popularity on TikTok. It’s not hard to see why he has tied spots with Drake. The Canadian rapper is heavily listened to by students on our campus due to his emotional lyrics and relatable content. He is anticipated to be releasing the album FOR ALL THE DAWGS soon.


TV Shows

1. Friends

The highly popular sitcom made it onto our top spot as the students’ favorite shows. Being a hilarious experience and an intriguing watch definitely helped Friends reach the popularity that it has today. If you ever want to relate to a show about not knowing what to do with your life in your late 20s in Manhattan, New York, this is the show for you.


2. Shameless

In Shameless, we follow the footsteps of Frank Gallaher, a neglectful single father of six who is unfortunately part of a very dysfunctional family. This show spans over 10 seasons with the 11th releasing only a few years ago in 2021. With that amount of content, it is evident that a show like this would be the favorite of many of our students. 


3. Grey’s Anatomy

In the second to last position, we have Grey’s Anatomy, the super popular show about the lives of the doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital. First aired in 2005, the show has released 420 episodes and counting!. Despite its age and longevity, it is still loved by many of the students at FHS.


4. Breaking Bad

And to finalize the list, we have the hyper-popular show Breaking Bad. Easily one of the most recognizable shows out there according to the students of FHS. It follows Walter White, a chemistry teacher who, when diagnosed with cancer, turns to a life of drug dealing. Safe to say that this show is a worthy finish to our list of TV shows according to FHS students. 



1. Cars 2

No, not Cars 1 with Lightening McQueen. Cars 2 is the even better sequel to the iconic Pixar film staring Mater as the main character. In this film, Mater goes on an exciting spy thriller adventure. This movie is an amazing expansion upon the Cars universe and a very fun watch for a casual movie night. 


2. Free Guy

In the number 2 spot for our movie list, we have Free Guy, the 2021 Film starring famous actor Ryan Reynolds. This comedy sees the story of Guy in a videogame NPC who then discovers that there is much more to life than just being a simple background character. This film is incredibly funny.


3. Legally Blonde

The 2001 film starring Reese Witherspoon has made it onto the number 3 spot. The blond it-girl gets broken up with her boyfriend for being too blonde. After the break up, she decided to follow him to law-school. This iconic movie is a piece of our pop culture, so it’s no surprise that it is in our students’ list of top 4.


4.  The Blind Side

To finalize our list, we have The Blind Side, the inspiring movie which follows the life of Micheal Oher, a homeless kid who finds his place with the Tuohy Family. This film is very inspiring and is full of very touching moments. It is recommended to watch this film with a box of tissues nearby as crying can and will occur if you’re sensitive to beautiful heartwarming stories.




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