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Where/ how often they meet: 

Once every two weeks in the library before school.


What others think we do:

  “People think that we just wake up early in the morning for meetings, which makes some people not want to join, but we offer plenty of opportunities for service hours.”           -Morgyn Granville


What my parents think we do: 

 “My parents think I do service in the community and at school to make it a better place.” -Cooper McDonald


What we think we do:

“We hold meetings to organize future events and to help as many people as we can through service projects.” -Levi Wilkins


What we really do:

“Our motto is service above self. We meet, and we try to find different service projects at the national, local, and school levels. We also aim to connect students so that they can interact with each other.” – Mrs. Remschel, Interact sponsor