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What others think we do:

“Other people think that we are just a bunch of red necks who show animals in the stock show.” –Emma Travland 

What our parents think we do:

“My parents think that I do a variety of projects, especially public speaking and agricultural projects.”      –Kate Darsey 

What we think we do:

“FFA has given me so many opportunities and experience in agriculture and in school. I have learned how to improve myself, and I’ve learned many valuable skills such as public speaking. FFA has helped me prepare for my future.” –Brant Bowers 

What we actually do:

“The Fredericksburg Ag Science Department and FFA Chapter provides students with lifelong skills that will help students be successful in any career field they choose, whether agricultural or non-agricultural. Opportunities abound in the Fredericksburg Ag Science Department and FFA Chapter setting students up for success in high school and after.”  –Mr. Padgett, FFA sponsor