Student Council

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Student Council

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Where/how often they meet: 

Once every two weeks in Mrs. Speer’s room.


What others think we do: 

“People believe that we just sit around at our meetings planning the Winter Formal and planning things that never happen.”   – Ryan Davis, junior class treasurer


What our parents think we do:

“Run the school.” – Molly Pluenneke


What we think we do:

“We put on the semi-formal, and we put on lots of teacher and staff appreciation lunches. We try to do whatever we can to benefit the student body.”  – Jake Reynolds, Student Council president


What we actually do:  

“Student Council is the governing body of the school and the individual classes.  STUCO is responsible for school spirit, teacher appreciation, drug awareness programs and military appreciation, to name a few.  The activities sponsored by STUCO include Homecoming festivities, Homecoming court, Snow Ball, annual teacher appreciation lunches, drug-awareness dress up week, and STUCO members are the liaisons at football games to greet the visiting teams and fans.” –Mrs. Speer, Student Council sponsor