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How often do they meet:

“On average we have practices for our competitive teams on an almost daily basis- with the exception of most Fridays. During the football season though on Fridays, we always support the football games with our push-up team. As for the extra-curricular activities, we do four to five activities a month doing community service or some type of competition.” – Captain Fadok

What others think we do:

“Other people know we do push up teams, and they know we set up the tunnels at football games, but other than that all they really know is we wear our uniforms on Tuesdays because they see us around in uniform, and that’s about it.” – Shaylea Ramirez

What our parents think we do:

“They think we march every day but not really anything else.” – Courtney Rose

What we think we do: 

“We like to walk around like we own the place, and we’re the bosses of the school. Partly because we’re pretty cool, but mostly just because we do a lot for the school and the community in general.” -Valerie West

What we actually do:

“Our mission in ROTC is to teach citizenship to students by lots of community service, we teach personal responsibility by wearing uniforms weekly and keeping up with it, and a sense of accomplishment through our academics, our extra-curricular activities, and our service to the community. We also teach practical leadership by giving cadets leadership opportunities.” – Captain Fadok