Fredericksburg Color Guard Flourishes Under New Direction


Katie Robertson with other color guard members behind her performing at competition.  

Fredericksburg Color Guard Flourishes Under New Direction

The Fredericksburg Color Guard program along with its members has experienced multiple changes and adjustments throughout the past two years. The loss of a director, learning to cooperate with information from many individuals, and gaining a new director bringing a bright future for the color guard.

The members of the Fredericksburg Color Guard have noticed these differences and all see positive growth occurring.

“I definitely see us coming together, being closer, and really into working hard,” junior Catharine Robinson said. “We are working a lot harder than I have ever seen us work in the past years. I think we are just really excited because we like our new director.”

The guard lost their director, Patrick Cheney, at the end of the 2017-2018 school year due to him moving. During the fall marching season, the group had multiple individuals coming in to choreograph and help them progress. Eventually, the band found the new director, Adam Duron.

“As a guard we have become closer, we have a stronger bond, and we have improved a lot since my freshman year,” sophomore Consuelo Rivera said. “I just think we are really hard working this year compared to last year, and I’m really happy about that.”

Members have noticed changes in the overall feel of the program and can definitely feel themselves progressing. Also, the color guard members all help to build each other up.

“I honestly think that the captains do not do a lot I think it is the guard itself,” Rivera said. “The other members really inspire me to work harder, and I’m very happy I get to be with this young group of girls and Jacob as well. They inspire me every day.”

When Duron was introduced into the program, he was thoroughly welcomed and got to work right away.

“[The guard] welcomed me so openly, not hesitant to change and they are absorbing everything that I am telling them,” Duron said. “What makes it more favorable for me is that they pick up my personality traits as well as I pick up theirs.”

With a new director the guard is learning multiple new techniques and ways to maneuver their bodies and equipment.

“We are doing things we have always wanted to do but were never allowed to or were never given work like this,” Robinson said. “I think we are ready for the challenge, and he’s putting us against it, and I think we are going to do really well.”

Since the beginning of the year, starting with marching season, the guard has grown tremendously as a group. They have blossomed together and learned the true meaning of team work.

“I have seen vast changes,” Duron said. “It amazes me how far [the guard] has come since I have only crash course trained them and have not had the chance to fully train them since summer. It can only get better from this point forward.”

Even head band director, Jason Younts, has noticed these improvements.

“I think it is more organized overall,” Younts said.  “The benefit of having an organized program is you are more efficient with time, you have more opportunities to learn, create excellence, and the expectations are consistent.”

The Fredericksburg Color Guard program certainly has a bright future ahead of them with much more growth and hard work. Duron hopes to stay with the guard and to be a part of the magnification of the groups abilities.

“I hope to prepare for a national-regional,” Duron said. “Also, God willing maybe nationals someday.”