A Day in the Life of Mrs. Remschel, FHS Librarian

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A Day in the Life of Mrs. Remschel, FHS Librarian

Emma Stewart, Journalism Student

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What does a normal day look like to you? 

“I arrive in the library around 7:20 a.m. and begin brewing the coffee.  I bring out the laptops and turn on the computers to have them ready to begin circulating the library collection.  Making the library a welcoming environment is the goal each day.  We want to make sure we can assist each student and FHS staff member in any way we can.”  


What’s your favorite part about your job?  

“The best part about being a librarian is that I am able to see all students.  I began my teaching career with FISD at the Fredericksburg Primary School, so I have been able to watch students who I had in kindergarten enter high school and graduate.  I love being able to work with students of every grade level.”


What are you doing when you’re not working?  

“I love to spend time with my family when I am not working.  I have four children and one grandson.  We love to play games, eat awesome meals and reminisce when we are together.  I am also a director with Pampered Chef, a direct selling company. In this position, I am able to meet with so many people who enjoy cooking while using wonderful kitchen tools.  I also love to garden in my yard and exercise. I run about three and a half miles every other day and then I do a little workout on the other days. I find this is the best therapy, listening to my music and running.”  


What’s the hardest part of your job?  

“When students are having technology problems, and I can’t help them with it.  It’s very frustrating. Or if I have a student who is wanting to check out a book and I can’t find it even though the card catalog states it is in, and that’s really annoying.  Probably the most discouraging part of being a librarian is realizing the time students have to read for pleasure is very little.”  


How do you stay motivated?  

“The students help me stay motivated. It is very interesting to see all of the many projects students are involved with.  It is easy to stay motivated with the many advancements we are seeing with technology.  There is always something new to learn each day. Every day is different in the library.  This keeps me on my toes!”  


Did you always know you wanted to work with kids?  

“Yes, I have loved working with children since I was in high school.  I worked with the youth programs during summers and while I was in college.  Children bring so much joy to our lives!  When I retire, I will continue to work with the youth.”